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Will Brewer
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Will Brewer This sound is goddamn filthy and I can't get enough! I want to fuck this record next to a dumpster in an alley behind a dive bar. Favorite track: I Got Too Drunk At Joe Cotten's House.
FishWithLegs  thumbnail
FishWithLegs Honestly, you can throw a pot and a pan down a hallway and call it music. However, it would not be ANYWHERE near as punk and as awesome as this album. Favorite track: Jack On Fire.
Wyatt Jones
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Wyatt Jones This is the musical equivelant of when the girl surprises you by swallowing after she already gave you a rimjob. Favorite track: Ball and a Biscuit.
Hugh Mungus Johnson
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Hugh Mungus Johnson I don't know what the fuck is happening and it's fantastic Favorite track: Cannon.
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A live studio session recorded in less than 3 hours at The Lake House by Joe Cotten, featuring Admiral Blues on guitar, vocals and percussion. Joe Cotten on percussion for Break Em' On Down.

Screamin' Bones Jones & The Bone Daddies is a 3 piece punkblues band from Dothan, Alabama featuring Admiral Blues on guitar, Wyatt "Screamin' Bones" Jones on vocals and Joe Cotten on percussion.


released April 20, 2017

I would like to thank: Jack White, The White Stripes, The Gun Club, Jeffrey Lee Pearce, The Soledad Brothers, Joe Cotten, Wyatt Jones, Limoncella and Orange Bitters, Bojangle's chicken, Admiral's dog and Wyatt's grandma, anyone that tolerates us in social environments and my ex girlfriend for blacking out on the floor during the most important moment of my life.




The Superelevators Mobile, Alabama

Heavy two-piece Blues from south Alabama.

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Track Name: I Got Too Drunk At Joe Cotten's House
dun dun dun dun duuun duh dun dun duuuuhn

doo da da doo da da doo dee dah

nyeeeeor na na na an na doooooof
Track Name: Is This Selfie Song?
lol what is an Admiral Blues original w/ lyrics
Track Name: Rollin' N' Tumblin'
A lot of indistinct yelling
Track Name: My Ex Girlfriend Passed Out On Joe Cotten's floor
I wish.
Track Name: Screamin' Bones Jones & The Bone Daddies - Cannon
google them.
Track Name: Screamin' Bones Jones & The Bone Daddies - Ball and a Biscuit
I dunno, Jones sang it.